050113_115354Do I need to have guests signed up in advance to come on stage?
No. That would hinder the success of the show. Nancy does NOT choose the volunteers, rather, they select themselves. Volunteers that are seriously willing to be hypnotized and highly interested in having fun are the best subjects.

How much does the stage hypnosis show cost?
Fees are based upon the package you choose for your special event. The fees vary depending on length of show, location of event, travel, date/time of event, customized programs, etc.

To make your planning as simple as possible, you will receive an exact fee for your budgeting purpose. Quotes will be an all-inclusive flat fee (includes travel expenses unless otherwise specified). In addition, the only other expense is the performer’s hotel accommodations which will be booked and paid by the client.

Go to the CONTACT page or call 805-705-4279, send us the details of your event and we’ll give you our best quote.

How long is the show?
It is recommended the hypnosis show be 60 to 90 in length. However, the show’s length can be adjusted upon request.

Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes! Nancy Seagal carries up to  $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance.

Are you available to perform in our area?
Yes! Nancy Seagal is available for performances throughout the United States and Worldwide. She is based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Do you provide materials to promote your show in advance for our event?
Yes! Absolutely! It’s the best way to increase the number of people attending your event. We’ll give you the downloadable files to use for promotion of your event in your email blasts, brochures, posters, etc.

What is needed for the show’s technical requirements?
Whether the show is in a banquet room, theatre, club, or outdoors the following is suggested for your guests to enjoy an incredible show:

  • Stage or Dance Floor- 25’L x 18’D  (recommended).
  • 14 to 20 Armless/straight back chairs for participating volunteers.
  • High quality sound system with hand held wireless microphone (required).
  • Sound system which generates music and sound effects from either a Cd, I-pod, or flashdrive (required).

Now, let’s dispel any myths….

Can anyone be hypnotized?
Yes, as long as they have an IQ of average or above. It’s fairly easy for a person to become hypnotized if they are willing and interested in being hypnotized. For those who resist, get distracted, are uncomfortable with the hypnotist, or don’t want to be hypnotized, they will likely fail to go into hypnosis.

True or False: Hypnosis is something weird or supernatural.
False. Truth be told, it is a completely natural level of mind that we go in and out of all day, everyday. Daydreaming is one example, another is when drifting in and out of sleep the shift occurs from Beta brain waves to Alpha brain waves.

True or False: Someone who is hypnotized is asleep or unconscious and doesn’t know what’s happening.
False. A person only appears to be sleeping or unconscious. Actually, while in the state of hypnosis, a person’s sense of awareness is heightened. You are aware of what’s going on around you but you just won’t care.

Will I do something embarrassing when I get hypnotized?
No, not unless you want to! You are always in control and cannot be made to do something against your will or moral principals. Nancy’s hypnosis show is always conducted in good taste.

Can a person ever get stuck in hypnosis?
No, it can never happen! If a person was left in hypnosis they will either fall asleep or awaken within minutes.

Will a person reveal their deepest secrets while in hypnosis?
No, hypnosis is not truth serum. The person in hypnosis maintains complete control of what they reveal.


Go to the CONTACT page or call 805-705-4279, send us the details of your event and we’ll give you our best quote.